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Bill, Kim, and ?uestlove

December, 2009 — Celebrating the re-release of For Your Own Special Sweetheart on the Jimmy Fallon show? Yep, pretty much. It was a blast. Played "Savory" for air, and did versions of "FF=66," "68," and "Desert Sea" for the live audience at our soundcheck (two of which tracks are available on the Late Night site as "web exclusives"). Thanks to all of our fans and friends who made it so special, and thanks to Keith McPhee, Jonathan Cohen, Elayna Bischof, Jimmy, The Roots, and all of the Fallon people for being incredibly gracious, accommodating, and generous.

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Jawbox: For Your Own Special Sweetheart

November, 2009 — It's out! At long last, For Your Own Special Sweetheart is back in print from Dischord and iTunes. The iTunes release features all 16 tracks, plus a custom digi-booklet including the album art (reformatted to Apple's stringent specs, of course).

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For Your Own Special Sweetheart News

October, 2009 — Dischord is now taking pre-release orders for the newly remastered For Your Own Special Sweetheart. Official release date is still November 24, 2009. Learn more at Dischord. And check out the new album art by Jason Farrell.

Jawbox will play Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on December 8 to celebrate the re-release. Tickets are extremely limited, and near as we can tell, aren't available yet. Visit Jimmy Fallon's site for more information.

We've also uploaded a streaming version of FYOSS so you can try before you buy. Enjoy.

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September, 2009 — Our friends at Dischord Direct have prevailed upon us to remaster Jawbox's 1994 classic (ahem) For Your Own Special Sweetheart. Seems like it was high time to add some low end, and none other than Mr. Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service was enlisted for the challenge.

The result is a pretty meaty version of the record, with Zach's drums and Kim's bass getting a thorough re-write, while the guitars enjoy a sprinkling of what ended up being somewhat shallow mid-range in the original. We've spiced up the re-release with the addition of 3 tracks formerly only available on the Savory+3 EP: "68," "L'il Shaver," and a cover of the Big Boys' classic, "Sound on Sound." I believe that barring any random pirated versions available online, this will be the only place you can get the original recordings of these tracks.

Both CD and vinyl will be available November 24, 2009. The LP will include a coupon for a free digital download of the entire record plus bonus tracks.

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