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Demo Policy

I have never worked with a band based solely on a demo. I work with bands because they're my friends and I support their music. Because DeSoto has a very small staff, I'm limited in the number of bands I care to take on at any one time. I only want to work with bands if I know I can devote my utmost attention to their music. There are several bands a year that I'd LOVE to work with, but have to say no to because there is just not enough time.

There aren't many labels out there that find their bands based on demos. I have always believed that good bands find good labels. The key to finding a good home is to work your ass off. You have to be willing to get in a van, and tour tour tour. By doing this, you meet people and bands from all different music scenes and eventually, your band might make that precious connection. I started working with Shiner because they played with Jawbox on a tour we did, and I fell in love with them on the spot.

So why should you ever bother to send demos to labels, you might ask? If you're a good, creative, hard-working band, I might remember your name. Then maybe it will lead to a show with one of the DeSoto bands or some other kind of support. Our little punk rock village works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Currently, I have five active bands on the DeSoto roster and I'm not taking on new bands. But, if you still care to send links to your music, I'll do my best to listen to it. I can only accept demos electronically and prefer to go to a band website to listen or something like Sorry, but I don't go to any MP3 sites where I have to register to listen. Thanks for reading.
-- Kim Coletta

Privacy Policy

DeSoto Records does not collect any personal information about our users. We request email addresses for our mailing list on a strictly voluntary basis; you can remove your address from our list whenever you want. The instructions can be found on the ListBot site, accessed by clicking the "Join List" button on the left.

We do not buy, sell, barter or trade the email addresses on our mailing list with record labels, spammers, steaks-in-the-mail entrepreneurs or any other type of business or organization. What you see here is what you get. Enjoy your visit, knowing that big sister doesn't have enough hours in the day to care about what you do while you're on our site!
-- Bill Barbot

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