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Edie Sedgwick: Her love is real, but she is not Edie Sedgwick
Her love is real, but she is not
2005, ED47

I Love Living in the USA

Her love is real, but she is not gave me one of those rarest of thrills: sitting in another room, I heard the intro to "Martin Sheen" coming from Kim's office, and I literally sat bolt upright, raced into the room and had to ask just what was on the stereo. I've been listening to records for a long time, kids, and it takes a real whopper to get me out of my chair. Justin Moyer's alter ego, Ms. Sedgwick, is one such whopper.

Each song in Edie's entire body of work is named for a Hollywood celebrity. Contrary to the expected, though, he/she ignores the cliché and facile path of the ironic slam, instead opting for the much more clever, and infinitely more effective, route of incorporating each actor's notable character into a song-story that presents a far greater depth to the commentary. This curious celebrity-tinted lens on reality is backed by wicked electronic beats, live instruments, and Ms. Sedgwick's sneering tenor, all provided by Mr. Moyer, stalking the stage like an irate secretary on a nic fit, clad in high heels, sequins, and brunette wig.

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  1. Martin Sheen
  2. Christian Slater
  3. Sigourney Weaver
  4. Robert Downey, Jr.
  5. Lucy Liu
  6. Molly Ringwald
  7. Michael J. Fox
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger II
  9. Tim Robbins
  10. Harrison Ford
  11. Tom Hanks II
  12. Sally Field
  13. Arnold Schwarzenegger I
  14. Haley Joel Osment
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