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Various Artists: PLAY indie children's compilation Various Artists
2007, PL50:

Cool Songs for Cool Kids

PLAY is for adults and young people who like kid-friendly music that can be listened to over and over and over again without visions of dancing purple dinosaurs or color-coded Australians buzzing in your brain. Another way of saying it...finally, some actually cool music for cool kids.

We've been working on this record for going on three years. It features artwork by the incredibly talented Ian Nagy and is packed with wonderful, upbeat songs that we find as enjoyable as our five-year-old Nick does: you'll laugh, you'll dance, you'll get down on the ground, you'll shake like a rocket. Word.

The download version features a bonus track from Travis Morrison called "Snacktime."

NEW: Download the full-color booklet with lyrics and credits. You'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader or Apple's Preview application to view the PDF (3.1MB). It is a large file, so please be patient.

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  1. Anna Oxygen: Born to Shake
  2. Channels with Damon Locks: Always Check for Holes
  3. Georgie James: The Grizzly Jive
  4. Sgt. Major: Nellie the Elephant
  5. Mudhoney: I Like to Make Noise and Break Things
  6. Mock Orange: Holiday Dinner Song
  7. Mirah and Tara Jane O'Neill: Green Up Time
  8. Young Fresh Fellows: Picnic
  9. Mary Timony: Clap Your Hands
  10. Soccer Team: I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again
  11. Supersuckers: Rubber Biscuit
  12. The Cassettes: Truck on (Truck)
  13. Ben Davis & The Jetts: Bouncin' Party
  14. Visqueen: Centerfield
  15. Bonus Track: Travis Morrison: Snacktime (DOWNLOAD VERSION ONLY!)

We originally wrote the music around a Shel Silverstein poem entitled "Mr. Grumbledump's Song," but when we contacted his publisher for permission to use the lyric, we were denied. This cloud turned out to have a silver lining; it was Christmas time and our old friend Damon Locks was in town visiting family. Damon and J. have known each other since high school days and always wanted to collaborate on a music project, so we seized on this chance and Damon came up with a totally new concept and lyric pretty much on the spot, which was much more fun for us all in the end.
--Janet Morgan from Channels

After forming in 2005, we were asked to contribute a song to the Play compilation. John Davis (ex-Q And Not U) and I set out to tell a strong story, teach a good lesson, and make kids — from age 2 to 102 — dance and sing along. "Grizzly Jive" was the first song ever recorded by Georgie James.
--Laura Burhenn from Georgie James

Brian at Lovitt Records told me about it and I was stoked. I have been making music mixes for my 6 year old his whole life trying to avoid the traditional kids music market which doesn't really fit our tastes — what an awesome idea — I am stoked to be a part of it!!!
--Ben Davis from Ben Davis and the Jetts

I always wanted to cover "Truck On (Tyke)" by T. Rex but never was fond of doing straight covers. So when this compilation came up I figured it's a chance to "repurpose" that song but focus more on the Elvis influences of Marc Bolan and my fondness for The Muppets. I also figured that kids love trucks so I wrote the lyrics as an homage to my personal fondness of trucks, the American trucker and the working class heroes that keep the machine of modern society functioning.
--Shelby Cinca from The Cassettes

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